Buying guide
  1. The channels of buying 

1.1 Online – 3 choices as following 

1.2  Booth (Event) 

You can check the event’s schedule from the below channels

2. The cancellation of buying order

Case 1: The buying order is not completed and confirmed, you can cancel immediately by deleting the product from your shopping bag. 

Case 2: If the buying order is completed and confirmed, you can inform Minirin directly. 

  1. How to choose size
    Sizes shown on website are clothing size and in inches. The customers should measure your chest, waist, belly, and hip in inch, then compare with the clothing size. Minirin recommend 1 inch left for not too uncomfortable. It depends on each person to left 1 inch or not.
  1. Are each product the same size
    Each product will have different sizes depends on the fabric and pattern of that type. But if in the case of a product that has a similar shape or style, the size of the product will be equal or similar.

1. Which channels can be used to pay for products?

There are 2 channels of payment

1.1 Payment via credit / debit card

Visa, MasterCard Customers must complete the transaction via facebook.

– Asking in the facebook inbox. You can click this link below:

– Send pictures of products that customers want to order

– Then minirin sends the confirmed amount to pay via credit/debit card 

1.2 Bank transfer

Account Name: Nalita Denamornlert

Kasikorn Thai/ KBANK (751-2-19168-8)

SCB (179-2-05184-2)

Bangkok bank/ BBL (154-0-59526-9)

KRUNGSRI (046-1-33628-3)

TMB (234-2-31258-0)


1. Delivery and time to receive the product

For more details, please click here -link 

2. Is there a messenger delivery service?

Yes, we have. The shipping cost will be calculated according to the distance. Customers can check delivery cost and order via 2 channels as follows:

3. Are there other types of delivery services other than Alphafast?

Yes, there are 2 delivery services as follows

  • EMS – free delivery. The goods will arrive at the post office on the next working day once Minirin send out. The customer must notify the shop to send by EMS. 
  • Kerry – will have an additional shipping charge of 50 baht.
Changing or returning products

1. Can the product be changed or returned?
The shop does not have a return policy in all cases. But the customers can change the product according to the following conditions:

Please click here for more details. Click

2. Can the customers change the products which purchase from booth?
The shop will not have a policy to change if the products are bought from the booth. It can be changed in the case of Minirin’s fault only.